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Attractive residential awnings

A beautiful set of awnings makes a superb addition to your home. You can add valuable outdoor space and enjoy more time on your deck or patio, plus you can add delightful accent colors to your house. With retractable awnings, you can cover all, none, or only part of your window, and that can protect your privacy.


When you choose Tennessee Awning Company, you get outstanding service from a company with over 100 years of experience in fabric product solutions. For a FREE consultation and a FREE estimate, call 423-622-7024.

Awnings are useful in all weather

  • Protect your doors and windows from incoming rain

  • Create dry spaces by your entrances

  • Keep your patio, deck, or pool area cooler throughout the day

"Just a quick thank you for the great job you did with my awnings. I will show them off with pride and be sure to tell all my friends about your very good service.


"The football crew will see them next season, and they will ask me where I got them and I will be sure to tell them. Thank you again. I am a very happy customer."

— J.W. from Dalton, GA

Fully customizable awnings

  • Choose from a wide range of colors and patterns

  • Pick from a variety of materials

  • Consider retractable awnings — manual and automatic motorized styles are available

Increase your home's energy efficiency

You can SAVE on your energy bills when you have us install awnings above your windows. The shade created by the awnings can keep your home cooler and decrease your need for air conditioning, and that means lower utility bills.

Be sure to ask about getting custom blinds and shades for your home!

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